Tips on awesome Selfies YOU’d be proud of!

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The art of Selfie has been challenged and the bar rose ever since the birth of this new photography technic. Far more difficult to master than it seems, we all know the pain of taking more Selfies than we can count using our hands and feet only to emerge with only one or two decent ones we can upload to the world of Internet.

At WTF Selfie Photobooth Singapore, not only are we providing the “hands” to hold the camera for you, one of the most advanced technology to take those snapshots, we are also providing you with fantastic tips to minimize error and take loads of awesome Selfies!

Are you ready?

#1 All about that Angle

Everyone knows that camera angles, when done right, can give you extraordinary results. So before embarking the journey to take the perfect selfies, try out different angles and tilts in a mirror to discover your best side and angles. Remember your best side and this will definitely make a lot of difference the next time you take a selfie. 45 degrees to the left and smile!

#2 Body Angles

Though not compulsory, body parts, especially shoulders, can make or break your selfies if they are present. Discover the different angles you can place your shoulders to make sure you don’t look square or big in the selfie. Different shoulder placement can give off the natural and effortless effect on selfies as well.

#3 The Rule of Thirds

Originally a technic for photographers, the rule of thirds is applicable to taking fantastic selfies too. Placing your face at either of the top corners, where your face is a third down from the top and off to one side, can be more compelling than a square shot in the middle.

#4 Divert the Attention

Sometimes a prop or two may help in snapping a great selfie. The presence of another element helps to divert some attention so that the focus is not entirely on you. That also encourages the selfie taking to be more fun, creative and interesting.

#5 Action Pack it!

A selfie snapped when you’re in the midst of an action makes it less boring too. Though obviously posed, it has a natural looking element that makes it look less forced. Also, it implies more purposes than just the pure intention of taking a nice selfie.

#6 Be Expressive

Focus your selfie on a particular emotion you would like to express. The sillier, the better!

#7 The More the Merrier!

Get more people to pose with you. Nothing beats a fun shot with delighted faces cramped into a single frame!

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