Selfies: A New Age Art

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The emergence of smart phones in the early 2000s gave rise to an explosive phenomenon in the digital world, and it is termed “selfies”.

At WTF Photobooth Singapore, you would realize that we focused our specialty on giving the world a better “selfie” experience. So what exactly is a “selfie” and how did it manifest into a megatrend that it is today?


Selfie: [sel-fee] a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or front-facing smartphone, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a social networking or photo-sharing website.


More about Selfies

Also known as “Art at arm’s length” this new methodology of taking self-portraits have swept its influences on a global scale, and it is even considered a revolution of arts. Singlehandedly creating a whole new genre of self-portraiture, the development of the art of selfies is a new form of visual communication. Selfies, integrated with its own structural autonomy, has changed aspects of social interaction, body language, self-awareness, privacy, and public behavior. However, a more pertinent reason for its existence is that we, the common folks, created selfies. Selfies are classified as folk art, an activity anyone can indulge in, and that is the reason for its expansive propensity.

So how did it change the world?

The powers of selfies stem from its potent instantaneous image altering abilities that individuals in today’s society crave for. Be it taken individually or collectively in groups, selfies have a way of communicating across all diversity and possess a quaint accuracy in conveying messages. For example, a typical selfie includes emotions through facial expressions, actions which tell us what the protagonist is doing, a certain object or subject that protagonist wants to focus on, body languages which convey certain attitude or beliefs and etc.

Integrating the mega trend

Having planted its roots and instill itself into common lifestyles of anyone who owns a digital camera or any smart devices with a front-facing camera, it is crucial that businesses incorporate the newly acquired way of life and the rising demands of their consumers. At such, products that emphasize or encourage the use of selfies are generally expected to be more profitable and marketable.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun that this megatrend has created, our team at WTF Photobooth Singapore has jumped into the wave pool of selfie trend and is here to bring you more exciting and experiential selfie experiences.

Are you ready to make your selfies more exciting? We definitely are!

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