The Development of selfies

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So, the million dollar question is, how did Selfies came about?

The history and development behind the term, ‘Selfie’, spans over 2 centuries. First coined in 2004, the word ‘Selfie’ has become so ubiquitous that in 2013, Oxford dictionary has placed it in its dictionary. It is now an informal word used to describe a photo that one has taken of oneself which is typically posted on social media platforms. In light of the recent trending fad of selfies on social media platforms, such as Instagram, let us find out the history behind the mega global trend, ‘Selfie’.

In the past, taking selfies required actual patience. The first supposed selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in mid-19th century. Cornelius had taken the image by removing the lens cap and then running into frame where he sat for a minute before covering up the lens again. Moreover, to view photos taken by personal cameras in the past, they had to be developed. As such, people had to wait several days before having the opportunity to view their ‘selfies’.

Following this, came the invention of disposable cameras, digitals and polaroids. This allowed greater ease of taking selfies and the cameraman to view the selfie within a matter of minutes. Selfies were then made so easily available and executable, everyone starts to fall into the game.

However, one breakthrough that sparked this current craze was undoubtedly the invention of a front-facing camera. This undeniably facilitated the ease and manner of taking selfies, thereby igniting this mania with taking selfies. In addition, the filters and the ability to crop photos on Instagram enticed more people to take selfies and indulge in the art of self portraits. They were allured by their newfound ability to take and post selfies at any given time and place. Any.

Ultimately, we have reached the era where selfies have now become a societal norm. They have transcended past the parameters of mobile phone screens to a level of interaction; where it communicates with the viewers, allowing them to gain insights into the personality of the photographer and subject.

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