How to Create a Personalized Photo Booth?

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How to Create a Personalized Photo Booth?

A photo booth design is one of the projects where you can express your endless creativity. Depending on the kind of event that you are holding, you can use everything and anything as props for your photo booth. Regardless of its kind, it will all fall to two categories: open air and close booths. However, with the price that comes with the close ones and not to mention its effects on the photo, you can definitely make use of your open air booth. Also, when choosing the software, considerations in terms of cost, simplicity and versatility should be given to make it light on the pocket.

So, what are the things needed in building a personalized photo booth? Here are the essential things that you should look into for your photo booth.


Make sure that your camera is the best that you can get for your photo booth in terms of quality with the photos it is capable of taking. A high end camera is usually the best to be used in order to have photos that appear to be full of life when you look at them. Making use of a remote shutter release can also help, especially if you want to give your guests the prerogative to take their own photo. This will be very enticing for them as they play photographer in the entire event. Don’t forget to use a tripod too. Using a tripod is much better in order to get clear photos and to avoid getting blurred ones.


Just like any photo shoot, lighting is very important. They have this effect of making your photos taken come alive. You may opt to go with or against the light but going against will require you to turn on your camera flash.


A booth will never be complete without a fabulous backdrop. Commonly, the backdrop that everyone uses is a printed or decorated fabric. However, you can still have a different kind of backdrop. With the backdrop, there is always room for creativity expression. You may actually check on some designs online so that you will get an idea which will be best for your backdrop.


Make your photo booth different than the usual ones by making some changes with your set up. Instead of going with the fabrics, you may make use of a different style like a garden backdrop or a school setting will do. Set up your lights in a way that will add glow to your photos so that your guests will enjoy staying at your photo booth.

These are just the major essentials in putting up your own photo booth. However, you will need other requirements as well to make things perfect. Below are other stuffs that you need for your photo booth.

ü  Photo Printer

ü  Photo Paper

ü  Props (E.g. designed glasses, frames, designed hats, wigs, etc.)

ü  Computer for editing the photos

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