5 ways to top the game of Selfie Photobooth

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So here’s our game plan.

WTF Photo Booth Singapore is working hard at brainstorming ideas to make sure you and your guests have the best photo booth experience here in Singapore. Are you ready for a peek of some of the ideas we have?

#1 Interactive Backdrop

We recognise and understand the importance of a good backdrop. Not just a background just so photos can be taken without disturbing or distracting background affairs, a good photo booth also consist of a creative and interesting backdrop. What if we told you, our formidable backdrop can be involve in your Selfie action? That’s right we’re talking about movable, adjustable and versatile backdrops which is almost like a prop itself. Things like movable photo-frames, velcro surfaces to stick any kinds of other background materials, dangling props like umbrellas or magical broomsticks and the list goes on and on. Creativity has no boundaries, so does our backdrops!

#2 Instant Customisable Props


Would you be thrilled if we told you can write or paste anything on our props? Or maybe a piece of art material so you can write messages or draw pictorial messages to the organisers? Well, we’ve got it right here at WTF Selfie photo booth. Now, props come customisable and you can feel free to use them to compliment your Selfies! Which brings us to..

#3 Guestbook

Guestbook feature! Won’t it nice if all your guests have a pictorial evidence that they have enjoyed your event and leave a lasting impression? Putting faces to names is one of the difficulties most people face. But with this creative touch, you can get your guests to take a mugshot and compile them into a life-long memorable guestbook.

#4 Instant Effects

Enlarging eyes, pasting stickers and drawing moustaches on your Selfies, things you can do with your mobile devices are now made available with our photo booth too! Whats more, you get the instant print of the very art piece that you have created, much like the “Neoprints” machine which took over the world by storm in the early 2000s! The only perk is, COUNTLESS COPIES! MULTIPLE SHOTS!

#5 Program

Given that live-streaming of the photos taken at the photo booth is nothing surprising, we can make use of these snapshots and turn them into games at your event. Not just for the viewing pleasure for all your guests, they get to participate in pictorial games and win prizes. You can thank us later.


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