Fun facts on 5 Mobile Applications for Selfies!

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1)      Instapicframe is a selfie application that could assist users in compiling collages, a myriad of images all in one photo! Ranging from 3 separate modes to cater to the different levels of customization, Instapicframe app gives you instant frame on your instant selfies instantly!


2)      Selfiegram is a selfie application that centralises around surrealism rather than anything else! The effects available on Selfiegram allow users to create fascinating and incredible pictures, and results proved to be beyond human’s imagination. The app also consists of a collage feature for more fun and creative user experience and customisation!


3)      Get flawless with Selfie Photo Editor app! Allowing users to edit and modify any and every feature of their face, this is a must have app for all selfie lovers. It even has an in-built function which analyses one’s face before offering some suggestions as to what alterations can be made. One could change one’s eye-colour, tone of one’s lips, or even the definition of one’s face. Get flawless, get creative.


4)      Selfie Cam is one other alluring selfie app. The moment the application is launched, users are faced with a forward camera with several other in-built features. One can choose from an array of different themes and fonts to add to their current picture, giving additional room for creativity! To bring up a notch up the creativity ladder, there are more premium themes and fonts available for a small fee.


5)      Last but definitely not least, the king of all selfie app is Instagram. Instagram provides a platform for users to publish and share their selfies with their own private network on the various channel available (facebook, twitter etc). It also provides beautiful filters to be used to enhance the selfies pre-publishing to the world. Making professional-looking photography accessible and mobile, its the pioneer kickstart to instant photography, which is currently taking the world by storm.

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